Veteran Rights

Mr. Radunz has advised veterans regarding VA mortgage deficiency claims since 1988, shortly after establishing his own law firm in 1987. By late 1989, Mr. Radunz had made contact with a number of veterans from Minnesota who were interested in pursuing a class action against the VA to prevent further collection efforts following VA mortgage foreclosures. Along with co-counsel David Leen of Seattle, Washington, Mr. Radunz commenced a class action lawsuit in Federal Court within the District of Minnesota. That class action lawsuit was active from approximately 1989 through 1995. A brief recap of the litigation history is found on this page.

Besides representing approximately 2,000 class members within the State of Minnesota, Mr. Radunz has consulted with many other veterans having similar issues in other states. Mr. Radunz has successfully represented veterans in many areas including convincing the VA to completely drop a claim, preparing successful letters requesting a waiver from the VA, and negotiating a compromise payment with the VA. Veterans can benefit greatly from having Mr. Radunz analyze their case for specific legal defenses to the deficiency claim, including defenses of lack of proper notice to the veteran, improper mortgage foreclosure procedure, statute of limitations, and other cases where the veteran is not primarily responsible for creating the VA debt.

Recap of Class Action Lawsuit
How to Avoid Common Mistakes when Dealing with the VA